Winters approaching on us fast and most of us will start turning our heating on around about now. Unfortunately for us, this means the heating bills will start rising! Although most of us know we can turn the heating on in our house and stay warm not many of us actually know how to keep warm.


 Turning the heating up makes things hotter, external temperature makes a difference and hot water constantly needs to be on… yeah this is all wrong!
You should turn the heating up when it’s cold outside

Most people will turn their heating on if it’s cold outside but your home shouldn’t need this as the thermostat is there to maintain internal temperature.

You should turn up the thermostat to heat the room quicker

If you want your room to be warmer quicker, simply turning the thermostat up doesn’t make a difference! This doesn’t help a heat up fast but will make the house warmer.

You should leave the heating on low constantly

People seem to think leaving the heating on low is more efficient than quick blasts of the heating. This is wrong, this theory means homes are heated when no one is there to benefit it.

Keep your water heater on all day so you don’t run out

If your hot water tank is insulated correctly your water will be able to stay warm all day. It’s much better to set your water to come on half an hour before you wake up than to have it on constantly.




Drawing the curtains does save heat

It’s not only a mental trick, shutting your curtains can reduce heat loss by 15-17%! Shutting your blinds can reduce heat loss by 13-14%

An old boiler does drain energy

An older boiler will waste a lot of energy, a new modern heating system can improve things by 80-90%!

Bleeding your radiators does make a difference

Its a bit of a naff job but it’s an essential one. If your radiators aren’t as strong as you want them to be, the first thing you should be doing is bleeding them. Radiators tend to trap air, this means hot air is at the bottom but cold air at the top. So you’re not getting as much heat as you would like.

Furniture arranging matters

Where you place furniture matters, a LOT! Putting sofas in front of the radiator is mental, you’re trapping all that hot air!



New Radiators are much more efficient

If your radiator was made before 2000 it is probably 50%less efficient than modern ones? Modern radiators store 24% less water too which makes things much cheaper and allows them to warm the house up quicker.  Check out places like Trade Radiators and see what brands and styles they have to offer.

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