Energy prices are getting higher and higher and we’re using more energy than ever and for this reason many of us homeowners are considering ways of introducing cleantech to our properties. Saving money on energy bills is great, we all want that but will this also boost the value of our properties? I hope so but lets talk about it.

Real estate solar is location dependent, people in places with higher average annual sunshine will see a quicker return on their investment. You also need to consider if the panels will be blocked by trees or other geographic features. These things are considered.


There are water solar heating systems available for sale but when homeowners think about solar panels they think about the kind that generate electiricty. However solar electric generation systems can do both.. heat and cool a house, you can also get a system that heats water.

The two different types of solar electric generation systems available are grid tied and off grid systems. So a grid-tied system means power is being provided by a local company as a backup. During cloudy days you might need some help from the local provider if your systems aren’t producing enough energy. If you’re producing too much electricity you can sell the electricity back sometimes if you’re on a grid tied system. However not every power company will offer to buy back excess power.

An off grid solar system is one that is completed disconnected from the local power grid. So you’re going to need produce 100% of the power your house needs. Off grid systems are usually more expensive to install because they need a battery backup. Offgrid systems also need a backup generator.


One big benefit of installing a solar power system is you’ll immediately see a reduced energy bill! Over the long run, the savings can outweigh the initial cost, especially if you can sell power back.



If you have an off grid system you probably won’t see much of a difference if not it might actually lower your value. Off grid systems take a lot of maintenance so this can be a nuisance and some buyers might not want the responsibility.


Yeah, you can raise the value of your house a solar power system makes sense for homeowners who have property exposed to sunlight and who plan on investing by reducing their energy bills.


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